Quality policy

SEP, a.s. is the company, which delivers services to its customers in the energy sector.

We strongly emphasize providing services on a professional level and all our activities are focused on constantly improvement of the quality of our services, to achieve sustained customer satisfaction.

We improve continually the effectiveness of quality management system.


To fulfill these values, we are guided by the following principles:

  • customer satisfaction is the top priority for the company,
  • to achieve the level of quality of our services in accordance with customer requirements,
  • cooperation and partnership with customers and suppliers is a continual intention,
  • the quality of processes and the products realization is a matter of all employees,
  • to create conditions and pay attention to education, training, development of skills and experiences of the whole staff,
  • compliance with the law in all areas relating to the company.


SEP certificate ISO 9001:9008